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Mud purifier plays an important role in sewage treatment

The pace of reform and opening up is getting faster and faster, mud purifier industry and urban construction is also developing very rapidly, however, with the pace of progress, our industrial wastewater and sewage is also increasing. When our living environment is destroyed, we need to stand up for it! Sewage treatment is now a very serious topic.

Used in urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants in China has a variety of sludge dewatering machine, but is given priority to with mud purifying machine, but in actual use process, will encounter all sorts of problems affecting the operation of its stability, we through the engineering practice of mud purification machine continuously grope for the running rule, summarizes some experience, guarantee the operation of filter press, obtain good effect.

The sludge concentration after through mud pools batching to belt type pressure cJ, we often used in engineering high gravimetric dosing mud, or use with variable frequency speed regulating device of screw pump, the two ways can ensure into the filter press, the pressure of sludge sludge quantity is stable, but do not use of centrifugal pump directly to the filter press, such as adding sludge, because of its flow. It is difficult to control the pressure stably, which leads to the failure of chemical modulation to operate normally, which brings trouble to the follow-up treatment.

Before sludge dewatering, B must first go through the flocculation process, and the flocculation effect has a great impact on the dehydration effect. For different types of sludge, proper selection of flocculants and determination of the dosage of flocculants should be carried out through experiments, and good flocculation effect has been obtained. Therefore, the conditions for the use of sludge flocculants should be determined through experiments.

Mud purifier is suitable for sludge dewatering in wastewater treatment process of municipal sewage treatment plant, pharmacy, leather, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal washing and environmental protection engineering. It can also be used for solid-liquid separation occasions in industrial production. It is an ideal equipment for environmental treatment and resource recovery.


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